about us

Freshly established to provide special care to your
pet’s needs. Members of Pet Sitters International;
insured and bonded since 2007. Founded and operated
by married couple Danilo and Milena Radakovic;
based in midtown Manhattan area.
Growing up with German Shepherds and cats in the city
started a life lasting and loving relationship with animals.

Every little doggy and every little kitty are equally
extremely important to us. Try to give the closest
description possible of your pet’s habits and character
so that we can praise the good and work on the
certain issues that can be overcome in time
if given right direction.
Let’s work as a team!

Dogs and cats of NY need a good friend
guide them through the city and who makes sure
to always bring them home safely!
If this is something you’ve been looking for
you’re just in the right place!