providing services for cats and dogs

Daily Dog WalksDaily Dog Walks
Give your NYC dog a break it deserves!
We offer walks in the CPW/Riverside Park and socializing with other dogs, unless differently advised! Private walks are our specialty, but we can walk no more then 3 dogs at the time; having fun and paying attention to each and every one of them is as important as exercise itself is.

Overnight SittingOvernight Sitting
If you’re urgently called to attend something you can’t get out of and nothing seems to be working out, call us and have a night of stress so much less stressful; knowing that your pet is in its familiar surroundings, having the same daily routine provided, makes youfeel that much more at ease;

Overnight Pet BoardingOvernight Pet Boarding
If your place is over boarded come board with us; all are welcome; we highly recommend bringing your pet for a visit before you’re actually planning on leaving it;

House SittingHouse Sitting
Plan your vacation and leave your pet in trustworthy hands! Always try to introduce us before your date of departure; for our customers whose dogs are walked on daily basis house sitting is positive adventure, a vacation on its own that is still keeping it with the schedule, exercise and feeding routine. It’s as if your sweethearts are keeping it all warm for you until you’re back.